What does a roller system mean?

What does a roller system mean?

What does a roller system mean?

The Roller System

  • Tissue-work (Rolling)
  • Balance
  • Strength work

No other roller has a full system geared towards the person, and is very one dimensional in its approach. We take the roller and turn it into a whole sytem where you can get your tissue work, balance/coordination and then strength train using the roller as well. On top of that, we have specific exercises with the roller's perfect 22 degree curvature designed to help prevent injuries. 

The Fitlab Solutions Roller is an integral part of the R3 System (Repair, Recovery, Rejuvenate). The roller is the first of many of Doctor Sanchez's inventions and it perfectly ties together what it means to have a roller system. What is so special about the roller kit is its ability to come apart and fit other recovery tools inside like; the ice ball, medium density ball, stretching strap etc. No roller on the market is able to say that or even goes so far to design a product with all recovery needs in mind. Traditional roller companies like Trigger Point do not make their products to offer the elite level of recovery because of the fact they are unable to store other recovery products inside their roller. The roller is great, especially ours, but it is unable to hit every spot like the very important Psoas muscle. Therefore you need a ball, like a medium density ball with you to be able to get that spot. It is much easier to take a ball out of your roller rather than store it awkwardly in your bag, or even worse forget it at home!


What can you do on the Roller Kit?

The value of the roller comes from its revolutionary design with the ability to come apart. Opening up the roller creates two different benefits, the ability to put recovery products inside the roller and the user is able to put the two half's of the roller on the ground and now is used as a part of balance training and strength work.

  • Designed by one of the leading Chiropractors and Soft Tissue experts in the United States out of the Bay Area, California
  • The best and most enhanced recovery in mind throughout the entire design process 

Benefits of a Roller System

The Roller System allows for you to meet your recovery needs anywhere you are without the need for carrying around multiple products that will not be able to fit in your bag. Many athletes are able to easily bring their Roller Kit to the field or court before their practices and are able to roll out all the areas they need before or after a session. People are able to bring their rollers on vacations with them and also to tournaments to be able to maximize their recovery wherever they are in the world. 

  • Easily taken on the go
  • Maximize Recovery
  • A comprehensively designed system by Up 2 Speed Sports Performance and Therapy that is easy to follow for the best tissue-work results