The Importance of Recovery: Why Recovery is an Essential for Everyone

The Importance of Recovery: Why Recovery is an Essential for Everyone

The Importance of Recovery: Why Recovery is an Essential for Everyone

Everyone at some point in their life has been sore and tired from their necessary everyday activities like working in an office, being an athlete or being a weekend warrior. While the term “recovery routine “ is typically regarded as activities elite athletes will do to prepare for competition, we believe that it is not only important, but necessary for everyone to be doing some sort of recovery everyday. Recovery routines are important and useful in helping curb those days where soreness and fatigue can lead to preventable injuries.

Benefits using recovery tools

  • Provide pain relief
  • Increase performance
  • Increase longevity

Some of the many benefits to implementing a recovery routine are reduced risk of injury, increased longevity, and increased range of motion and flexibility. Countless athletes have reported how effective our therapy products are in decreasing their risk of injury and enhancing recovery post-workout. Benefits like this will not only make living your day to day life easier but also increase your overall health and wellbeing for your future.

Whether it is performing explosive athletic movements, lifting up a heavy object, doing work around the house, all of these will be enhanced and be better after using Fitlab Recovery products. For example, a stiff fore-arm can be helped by using the Scrupper Tool on it and breaking up any adhesions in the area. Knee pain can be treated by getting down on the Fitlab Roller Kit and rolling out your IT Band. Ankle pain and inflammation can be brought down by throwing on a pair of hour special 8 chamber recovery boots to flush the inflammation away. 

What I recommend for an effective and helpful recovery routine is everyday foam rolling and scraping. These two activities combined will help limit soreness, loosen tight muscles, and improve athletic performance. Check out our social media platforms for more information about how to foam roll and scrape for max performance!

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