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Your Fitness Is My Mission

I created these tools to help people recover faster, heal better and become more fit. These products have been years in the making and contain countless hours of refinement until I felt they were at the level of quality and functionality that I envisioned.

our Fitness Is My Mission

Our Story

My life changed forever, 31 years ago. At eighteen I tore my left meniscus and later had surgery to remove 1/3 of my meniscus.
At twenty-nine a mountain bike accident left me with a grade 3 shoulder seperation. At thirty-one pop (avulsion) lateral part of hamstring (Biceps Femoris).

At 43 x-rays showed a heel spur on my foot. I created my R3- System-Repair-Recover-Rejuvinate originally it designed it for me, but soon after getting
great results I wanted to share and treat my patients self-maintenance. Today it has been over 21 years of teaching thousands of people how to use different
tools of self-maintenance. I trademarked MUSCLE FLOSSING TECHNIQUE teaching people how to floss their muscles daily just like they would floss their
teeth. Working on body maintenance before you get injured. Today Fit Lab Solutions has a vertical product line with something for everyone. Here are some of our top products: Massage gun, Air compression technology, Patented muscle flossing roller, V-Balls, IASTM "Scrupping" tools patent pending

The R3 System

R3 Athletes

Joe Mixon - NFL, Cincinnati Bengals

Thiago Santos - UFC

Thiago Santos - UFC

Gaston Balanos - Belator