Mini PRO

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The Mini PRO Massager is a core recovery tool that every individual doesn't know they need! Daily massages before bath, after workouts on in between games is a must have. Is very easy and convenient to carry around. Great for all ages with proper supervision for youth. Benefits of the Mini PRO Massager: STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY | The Massage gun pro 1.0 is a scientifically calibrated hand-held body massager that uses advanced percussion therapy to release pain, muscle stiffness and soreness. Relieves Muscle Soreness: Vibrating muscles after exercise mobilizes lactic acid build up to loosen tight muscles and reduce soreness. Great for personal use. One of the best massage devices for professionals, physical therapists or chiropractors.

4 Massage Heads: Different heads deliver vibration in specific ways for certain parts of the body. CORDLESS & RECHARGEABLE: 2000mAh high-quality rechargeable lithium battery, ensures 3 hours working time(low speed), takes 1.5-2 hours to be fully charged. 1.75lbs only, you can use it at home, gym, office, etc. POWERFUL MOTOR: 12V brushless motor and quite glide noise reduction technology that brings high power but low noise (35dB - 55dB) experience. 4 Adjustable Speeds meet all your need, 1200-3200 (rounds per minute). Ideal for athletes, people who work out or people with injuries. Comes With: Massage Gun  Black Carrying Case Charger and 4 tips.