Firm Black Roller

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Patented Functional design with a modular approach to your recovery. The roller currently comes in three different firmnesses: Soft (Grey), Medium (Red), Firm (Black) and 2 different patterns. Essential Flat and Compression Wave.

Firm (BLACK) Density Flossing ROLLER  is recommended to use before and after workouts. We call it "Muscle Flossing". Just like you would ideally floss your teeth. 

It provides instant benefit to the hamstring, back, glutes, and calves by delivering superior massage where ever you might be either at the comfort of your home or at the gym.

Since it is constructed with superior quality material which "guarantees" a long life span, it won't bend and lose its shape.

This is the only patented modular roller on the market today. This roller was engineered by former athletes, doctors, biomechanical specialists and is made of solid materials to last for year and show little signs of wear and tear for years to come.  This roller has been tested and retested over 2 years prior to selling on the market ensure it's safe. 

PORTABLE & MODULAR DESIGN - It is easy to carry in a gym bag or take apart if necessary due to its portability &  functionality.

BENEFITS – the  ONLY Customization roller with surface 2 flat (essential flat) and with bumps (Compression wave). Modular approach to your Recovery. The roller currently comes in three different firmnesses: Soft (Grey), Medium (Red), Firm (Black)

USAGE- great to use before/after or as part of your yoga/ mobility classes. Easy clean up with just a clothe. Since it has its patented 2 point contact system. The roller is designed to stay off the ground and only contacting your body placing your weight on the end caps for a nice even smooth  roll. 

Firm (BLACK) roller is typically used by individual who are advanced with with using roller and like deeper pressure for their soft tissue massages. 

Rollers With Half Flat & Half Bumps