Portable Red Light Therapy: Convenient RLT Trea...

Portable Red Light Therapy: Convenient RLT Trea...

Portable Red Light Therapy: Convenient RLT Trea...

Anyone interested in home use of red light therapy is better off with a panel.

However, there may be some users interested in taking a device with them on business trips or vacation. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some options for handheld RLT devices for treatment on the road. 

Do Portable RLT Devices Work? 

Thanks to advances in light emitting diode (LED) technology, red light therapy is now widely available on the consumer market. 

Red light therapy uses specific wavelengths of red and infrared light. It is used to treat signs of aging, hair loss, dermatitis, psoriasis, muscle strains, and much more.

The efficacy of smaller RLT devices is still up for debate, but targeting specific areas of the body with therapeutic treatment certainly doesn’t hurt. 

Treatment Area

Very small handheld devices such as RLT wands are not practical for treating anything other than a few eye wrinkles. Single-application devices like masks also have very limited use.

This matters if you want to travel with an RLT device but need to treat several conditions, whether they’re localized or widespread. For example, handheld wands are far from ideal if you’re treating psoriasis or even muscle soreness.

Light Energy Output

More powerful light energy outputs yield faster and better results than weak devices. Battery-operated devices also tend to be far weaker. As continued use of a battery operated device, the intensity typically depletes.

The Best Portable RLT Devices

For something truly pocket-sized, handheld wands are available. For instance, the Novaa Light Pro ($149) is an entry level red light therapy device that features two red and one near infrared wavelength. 

A ‘wrap’ option is the MitoRed MitoQuad Wavelength Belt which comes in at $399 and features 405 LEDs in a combination of 33 percent red and 67 percent infrared light. 

Each LED in the MitoQuad contains three chips to enable more wavelengths per diode. This may sound like a good feature. However, the result is significantly less power output per wavelength, to prevent overheating of the LED. 

Another option for portable red light therapy treatment would be the Omnilux Contour Face, maybe for brief treatment sessions while on vacation. 

When it comes to home use, portable devices are not a major competitor for panels, but the above are options for those interested in treatment while traveling.  

In the following section we take a closer look at the therapeutic wavelengths found in portable devices.

Therapeutic Wavelengths in Portable RLT Devices

Most of the smaller portable devices emit fewer therapeutic wavelengths. Generally, at most, they offer two wavelengths. 

Here’s why the number of wavelengths matters: 

Each wavelength has a different absorption depth in your body. Red light absorbs through the layers of the skin, near infrared absorbs several inches into your tissues, and infrared goes beyond that. Each therapeutic wavelength is also known to have a specific set of benefits in terms of treatment. 

The longer wavelengths amplify the benefits of the shorter wavelengths. 

Blue light, which is featured in trace amounts in the LIT LAB SOLUTIONS panels, targets skin health at the outermost level by killing acne-causing bacteria.

When you add 620 and 660nm red wavelengths that pass through the outer skin layer, the outermost skin cells ‘light up’ even more, amplifying the effect of the blue light, and the deeper-layer skin cells are also affected.

As red light absorbs through the skin layers and you introduce infrared wavelengths (810nm, 830nm, 850nm, and 1060nm) the skin cells affected by the blue red wavelengths receive even more light energy as these longer wavelengths pass through.

As multiple wavelengths travel through the skin together, there’s a cumulative effect that results in exceptionally potent benefits in the skin and in the deeper tissues. 

This is another reason why LIT LAB SOLUTIONS RLT panels offer the most value of any portable RLT device. Instead of just two wavelengths, you get the cumulative power of seven.

Red Light Therapy with the LIT LAB SOLUTIONS Series 

Full-body panels provide optimal treatment. 

This chart shows the differences between the LIT LAB SOLUTIONS panels.

Don’t sacrifice results for weight savings. Get your money’s worth, get the best therapeutic results, and enjoy the convenience of smaller-scale RLT devices from LIT LAB SOLUTIONS panels

Check out the Learning Center to read about the numerous other benefits of RLT.